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Foundational Medicine


Foundational Medicine addresses disease and dysfunction at the root cause. Rather than traditional medicine that masks symptoms with medications, Foundational Medicine seeks to locate and correct the root cause of your condition and restore your health from the foundation up.  


The main goal of foundational medicine is to restore the foundation of health. When it comes to the human body, our cells are our foundation, and to be healthy, all 37 trillion of them need to function at their best. As we move through life, our cells accumulate waste and toxins. Over time they begin to function less efficiently, their ability to self-repair begins to decrease, and they begin to slowly break down, leading to chronic inflammatory diseases and aging, among other things. 


The mitochondria function as our cells’ power plants or batteries. If they don’t operate efficiently, your cells do not have enough energy to perform their normal functions optimally. Maximizing mitochondrial function is crucial to healthy cells and good health.


The cells of the human body do not run on supplements. Healthy mitochondrial function must be obtained through detox or the clearing out of wastes and toxins. With your personally tailored Protocol, Atlas Specific can help you detox your cells, allowing your body to function more effectively.


Healthy Drainage Funnel


Blocked Drainage Funnel


The foundational detox journey begins with a “Roadmap to Health.” This strategic “roadmap” is broken down into easy-to-follow steps or phases. 


The first step properly prepares the body for detoxification by focusing on energy and drainage pathways before promoting detoxification. This also makes the process smoother and encourages more energy as you move through the Protocol.


The second step focuses on promoting the body’s natural detox processes and nurturing the gut microbiome before moving on to step three, which focuses on promoting healthy liver and bile flow.


Step four picks up where step three left off to continue promoting systemic detoxification and healthy drainage pathways. This phase goes beyond the gut to detoxify, lends increased support to the lymphatic system, and is loaded with potent herbs used traditionally to support drainage and detox throughout the body.  

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I’d been seeing Dr. Tim for about a year when I contracted COVID, and though my acute illness was mild, the long-term effects were completely debilitating. From breathing and lung issues to digestive problems and fatigue, my body was a wreck. 


The Foundational Protocol helped to clear my system, kickstart my recovery process, and gave me my life back. I will forever be grateful for Tim and Danielle’s care.

Connie B.

Foundational Medicine & Upper Cervical Patient

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