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$47 New Patient Special

Includes consultation, full spinal exam, x-rays, and report of findings. 


A one-on-one consultation will take place where we will sit down with you to discuss what health challenges you're currently experiencing, review your history so we may better understand what has led you to your current health status, and determine your goals for the future.


Using thermal-infrared technology, we assess your brainstem and nervous system to get an exact assessment of any brainstem and nerve interference that you may have.


Our doctors will complete a thorough Chiropractic evaluation and neurological diagnostic testing will be performed.


We will take three specific upper cervical x-rays (APOM, Lateral Cervical, and Base Posterior) to determine how your upper cervical spine has misaligned three-dimensionally unique to you. We will also take full spine x-rays if necessary.


We'll Be In Touch Soon!


Our doctors will thoroughly assess your findings and present a personalized plan of action to correct your health concerns leading to health goals being reached.

Southwest Art

Atlas Specific is unlike any other care center I've ever been to. From the comfortable atmosphere of the office interior design to the friendly and calm receptionist and the complimentary hot tea. Atlas Specific sets out the vibe of making the patient feel welcomed and relaxed. Each doctor at Atlas Specific is laid-back but, at the same time, professional and understanding with their patients.


I personally have almost 20 visits, and NEVER did I feel rushed or ignored, like at some medical offices. At Atlas Specific, I've had all my questions answered and have seen results for the better with each visit. They have also helped me learn and understand the body's anatomy and how it functions. In this day in age where life seems to go go go and rushed. Atlas Specific takes the proper amount of time to help you heal and grow.

Elias S.

Upper Cervical Patient

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