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Here at Atlas Specific, we utilize only State-of-the-Art Technology in order to determine where and when care is needed. 

Digital X-Ray


We use specialized X-rays to discover a patient’s listing. This listing determines the type of adjustment the patient needs to clear out their subluxation. Information from X-rays is the foundation for the care delivered by Atlas Specific. 


Precise X-ray equipment is required to acquire such detailed X-rays. The standard X-ray equipment that is mass-produced for the traditional medical market can lose alignment resulting in misrepresentation of the anatomy. When that happens, a miscalculation of the patient’s listing can occur, resulting in an incorrect adjustment, which will not enable the patient to get well. 


Our specialized equipment offers an absolute level of confidence in the accuracy of the X-rays, which leads to the proper analysis, and, therefore, an exact correction for the patient can be accomplished.


All X-rays are developed digitally to eliminate the use of film and chemicals. This also reduces the amount of radiation needed for an exposure. (You will receive a copy of your x-rays on a CD upon request.)


Digital Infrared Paraspinal Thermography is a technology that is FDA-approved as a neurodiagnostic procedure. This might sound scary and intense, but the truth is that this is a very simple technology.


Thermography is simply a reading that measures the amount of heat from underneath the skin on the back of the neck, which is controlled by the brainstem, in order to allow us to determine if the adjustment is necessary.


If the adjustment is found to be necessary, then you will receive a post-thermographic evaluation to determine if the proper correction was made. This procedure is used on every visit to objectively monitor the course of your care.


Titronics Digital Infrared Paraspinal Thermographic Technology does not require the use of any radiation and is our most objective measure used at Atlas Specific.

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Zero Gravity Chair


After every adjustment, you will relax in Human Touch’s Zero Gravity Recliner. This allows the adjustment to integrate and hold correctly.


The last thing that we want is for you to leave immediately after the adjustment and go right back to the natural stress of life. This could have the adverse effect of an adjustment not holding its correction for any length of time.


Inspired by the Neutral Body Posture studied by NASA during the SkyLab program, the Zero Gravity Recliner places the body in a virtually weightless position to provide relaxation and minimize muscle tension.


In this recommended position, the spine, hips, and knee joints are on or close to the balanced midpoint of the muscles. The Zero Gravity Recliner provides a path to harmony between your body and gravity.

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Southwest Art

I have a lazy eye, and my upper cervical gets thrown out of whack from time to time, leaving me crippled with stiffness and headaches, which affects my lazy eye. After the first three visits, I started seeing amazing results in my eye function, and my neck has held the adjustment better than any other adjustments I’ve had.

The space is so welcoming, and both Tim and Danielle are so much fun and knowledgeable to be around! It’s the highlight of my week, and I suggest you make it yours too!

Hannah G.

Upper Cervical Patient

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