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Chronic pain, whether from migraines and headaches or neck and back pain, can make many of life’s daily activities challenging, from exercising and sleeping to chores and errands. Upper Cervical Care can provide gentle, drug-free relief. 


Oftentimes, people don’t recognize that pain in the joints, limbs, and even the hands or feet may originate from compressions or misalignments in the spine and neck areas. Even the slightest misalignment in the upper cervical spine can exacerbate pain and inflammation throughout the entire body. 


As pain increases or becomes more constant, it can begin to impact the quality of daily life. With precise and gentle Upper Cervical corrections, doctors Tim and Danielle can reduce pain throughout the body by addressing the root cause of the pain rather than the symptom.

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Many people have resigned themselves to the idea that headaches, backaches, neck, and joint pain are a regular part of life. Unfortunately, the most common recommendation from the traditional medical community comes in the form of pharmaceutical drugs. While these medications may temporarily mask pain, no miracle pill will stop the reoccurring pain. Furthermore, each of these medications comes with the risk of side effects that can present additional long-term health issues. 


All traditional pain management solutions operate by covering up the cause of symptoms without ever addressing the source of the issue or truly providing healing. Upper Cervical Care can offer an innovative, drug-free treatment for pain management that provides lasting effects without unwanted side effects. 

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"I came to Atlas Specific in so much pain, with tingling in my arms and fingers. Within two visits with Dr Tim, my pain and tingling were gone my quality of life has gone back to normal.


I would recommend anyone with neck or back pain to come visit. Thank you, Dr Tim. You are the best!"

Dave N.

Upper Cervical Patient

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