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Chiropractic care is the foundation for true healing because it unleashes your body’s innate ability to heal itself. Although our doctors specialize in Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic, they are also trained, certified, and excel in traditional full spine Chiropractic.


Spinal misalignments can occur in multiple places throughout the spine. These misalignments can be attributed to experiences such as poor posture, trauma, and stress. Our full-spine Chiropractic care utilizes natural methods to identify and correct areas of biomechanical distortion to restore your body to total well-being.


We use an integrated full-spine technique that combines adjusting techniques known as Gonstead, Diversified, Thompson, and Activator Method. Our unique approach allows us to adjust the body without creating undue tension. With our full-spine care services, you’ll experience a renewed sense of comfort and mobility. 


It is important to remember that in our office, we do not utilize aggressive, rotational, or harsh adjustive techniques. We may use a drop table or instrument to aid in gentle, safe, and specific chiropractic adjustments. Our goal is to restore and balance the nervous system, which does not require popping and cracking.

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Southwest Art

After a disastrous previous experience over 15 years ago, I had sworn off chiropractors altogether, and then I met Dr. Danielle. Her compassion and empathy helped to break down the walls I had placed between myself and Doctors, specifically when it came to manipulating my body.


The safe space and trauma-informed care that she provided and the immediate relief I experienced under her care created an opportunity where I could begin to build trust and finally address the pain I had been enduring for so long. I am forever grateful to Dr. Danielle, not only for the relief from debilitating headaches and neck pain but the support and care she provided to me as a person.


My life is significantly better with Dr. Danielle in it!

Sara S.

General Chiropractic Patient

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