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A Natural Approach to Allergy Relief

A Natural Approach to Allergy Relief

It's important to recognize that you're not alone in your struggle with allergies. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), more than 100 million people suffer from allergy symptoms yearly. These symptoms can significantly impact your quality of life, diminishing the joy you once found in things you love. From food and drug allergies to skin and seasonal allergies, finding a natural approach to allergy relief that is effective and drug-free can make a world of difference. This article will explore an all-natural solution you may have overlooked.

It’s Not the Pollen

From seasonal allergies to food allergies, the signs can be all too familiar: itchy, watery eyes, stuffy, runny noses, red, itchy rashes, headaches, and sneezing. But it's crucial to remember that allergies can also have severe reactions, including constricted airways, vomiting, and even death. These reactions can be triggered by something as innocuous as a handful of nuts, a brush with a cat, or unseen pollen in the air!

If everyone reacted similarly to these common substances, it would be easy to blame the nut, dander, or pollen. But not everyone responds, and those that do don’t all react the same. So, if it isn’t the pollen, then what is it?

The Body’s Response to Allergens

Allergy symptoms occur when the immune system overreacts to the presence of otherwise harmless substances. This overreaction causes the body to perceive the allergen inappropriately as a threat. The body naturally responds to the perceived threat by producing immunoglobin E antibodies, which in turn prompt the production of histamines. This flood of histamines then attacks different body parts, typically the eyes, nose, lungs, skin, or throat, causing an allergic reaction that can range from mild to severe. 

Symptom Treatment vs. Cause Correction

The Spine-Allergy Connection

The Upper Cervical spine, located at the base of the skull, consists of the first two spinal vertebrae, the Atlas (C1) and Axis (C2). This spine region contains the brainstem and is a hub of nervous system activity. Your nervous system is the master control system that orchestrates your immune, glandular, neurological, and respiratory systems. Under normal conditions, these systems help your body respond, react, and adapt to the world around you. 

However, brain-body communication can become impaired if the Upper Cervical spine is misaligned or subluxated. If your nervous system isn’t working right, your body can’t work right. A properly functioning nervous system has the capacity to withstand, overcome, or adapt to stress. When allergy symptoms present, a possible culprit is that our nervous system has been stressed beyond capacity due to an upper cervical misalignment. 

How Upper Cervical Chiropractic Offers Allergy Relief

Upper Cervical Chiropractic care doesn’t aim to 'treat' allergies. Instead, it focuses on locating and correcting subluxations, reducing disturbances in the nervous system, and restoring brain-body communication. By aligning the upper cervical area, this unique approach enhances the overall function of your nervous system and reduces your body’s tendency to overreact to allergens, potentially easing your allergic symptoms.

Drug-Free Relief From Allergy Symptoms

At Atlas Specific, we don’t treat allergies. We look for the root cause of your allergy symptoms and focus on ways to restore your ability to adapt to allergens naturally. Unlike conventional treatments that rely on medications to manage symptoms, Upper Cervical care offers a drug-free alternative, focusing on natural healing and promoting long-term wellness. Allergy relief could be just a free consultation away! Call us at 970 - 259 - 6803, drop by our Durango office, or click the link below to schedule now.

Free Consultation

Notice of Disclaimer:

We are doctors of upper cervical chiropractic, but we are NOT necessarily YOUR doctors. All content and information on this website is for informational and educational purposes only, does not constitute medical advice, and reading or interacting with this site does not establish any form of patient-doctor relationship. Although we strive to provide accurate information, the information presented here is not intended as a substitute for professional advice, and you should not rely solely on this information. Always consult a professional in your particular area of need before making medical decisions.

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