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Making 2024 Your Healthiest Year Yet

Updated: Feb 7

Making 2024 Your Healthiest Year Yet

Christmas has passed, we’ve reached the winter solstice, and we’re heading swiftly into a new year. Each year tends to bring out  “new year, new you” mantras, and millions of Americans will make resolutions as the clock strikes midnight. In fact, 35% of people say they made a New Year’s Resolution for 2023. 

Some of the top resolutions each year include improving physical health, saving more money, exercising more, eating healthier, and losing weight. So, with all of the resolutions for better health and wellness, why are we not becoming a collectively healthier society? 

While statistics show that around 35% of people make resolutions each new year, 23% will quit within the first week, only 36% will still be working towards them by the end of February, and only around 9% of resolution makers will see it through to completion! 

We Mean Well, So Why Don’t Resolutions Don’t Stick?

There’s no better time than the New Year to feel the endless possibilities for change and personal growth. It’s part of the tradition and the excitement of the celebration. But the problem is many people set resolutions with arbitrary goals and unrealistic timelines. During the new year, we are bombarded with marketing for fad diets and get-fit-quick programs that don’t follow through with their promises. But there’s a better way!

In order to shift New Year’s Resolutions from vague dreams to realized goals, we must first see them as lifestyle changes. That is where you will find true and lasting change. This year, as you ponder your resolutions for making 2024 your healthiest year yet, focus on making SMART resolutions.

SMART Resolutions, an Acronym for Success

Making resolutions that stick requires making them SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.


One of the reasons that many resolutions fail is that they’re too broad. To see success, it is important to be specific. For example, don’t simply resolve to “exercise more.”  This resolution is too broad. What is more exercise? How much more? Is it counting steps, or is it adding cardio? Give yourself specific goals or benchmarks that you wish to achieve. 


Resolutions are lost not only because they’re vague but also because they can’t be measured. “Lose weight” is a vague notion. What does weight loss look like for you? Do you have a goal weight? Is there a specific number of pounds you want to lose each month? Without measure, how do you know if you’ve reached your resolution goal?


With a “new year, new you” mentality, it’s easy to get excited about a new year filled with new and lofty goals for health and fitness. But if your goal is to lose 50 pounds by February or compete in the Iron Horse Classic even though you haven’t ridden a bike since you were a kid, you may want to reconsider. One of the best ways to make a resolution stick is to make it attainable. Give yourself a reasonable goal with a reasonable timetable. 


If you hate running, but your New Year’s resolution is to run a marathon, you’ll probably abandon your goal before seeing it through. Give your resolution staying power by ensuring it is relevant to your likes, lifestyle, and dreams. Making your resolution relevant can help it to become a long-term investment instead of a fleeting dream. 


One of the quickest ways to inspire action is to add a timetable or deadline to your resolution. 

For example, lose five pounds each month, exercise three times per week, save fifty dollars a month, or drink a gallon of water every 24 hours. By making your resolution time-specific, you create a motivator while also helping to determine the attainability of those goals.  

Avoiding Resolution Pitfalls

Creating SMART resolutions is the first step in setting yourself up for a successful 2024. Avoid resolution pitfalls by remembering that it’s easy to allow perfectionistic tendencies to sabotage your success. Just because you didn’t hit your step goal today doesn’t mean you won’t do it tomorrow. Every step in the right direction is progress, so seek progress over perfection. 

The Foundation of Health and Wellness

If a healthier, better version of yourself is on your New Year’s resolutions list, remember that good health starts with a solid foundation. Enter foundational medicine.

Foundational medicine is a form of alternative medicine created by Dr. Todd Watts and Dr. Jay Davidson. Together, they formed CellCore Biosciences, an emerging industry leader that first introduced the concept of foundational medicine to the nutritional supplement industry. Today, the Cellcore Biosciences line of Protocols focuses on the "root causes" of ailments by addressing drainage, detoxification, mitochondrial health, gut terrain, and immune function. 

Almost everyone can benefit from this kind of detox. If you have ever taken an antibiotic, been exposed to a toxin, eaten a poor diet, used household chemicals, or relied on over-the-counter or prescription medications, then you are a great candidate for foundational medicine. This program is also suitable for those suffering from autoimmune conditions, chronic ailments, or long-term illnesses. 

How Do Foundational Medicine and the Cellcore Protocols Work? 

The foundational detox journey begins with Cellcore’s “Roadmap to Health.” The strategic order or “roadmap” that the Protocols follow is broken down for you into easy-to-follow steps or phases that properly prepare the body for detoxification. 

The process starts by supporting your body’s drainage pathways and ensuring the body has sufficient energy to properly detoxify before entering periods of deeper detoxification. This path ensures that patients build a strong foundation that supports the health of their gut microbiome and their body’s ability to repair cells and tissues, allowing them to experience sustainable, long-term wellness at the foundational level. 

How Long Does the Protocol Last? 

Everyone’s health challenges, detox journey, and symptoms are different.  Dr. Tim will help assess your individual needs to determine which protocol, kits, and/or individual supplements are best for you at each stage of your journey. That being said, below is a list of some of the options offered:

The Jumpstart Kit

For patients who are new to CellCore products, the Jumpstart Kit is an ideal starting point. 

It optimizes mitochondrial function, energy production, balanced gut microbiome, healthy digestion, and optimizes drainage function. - 1 Month

The Foundational Protocol 

This Protocol is for you if you’re dealing with low levels of infections, toxicity, or chronic illness. It supports energy, drainage, detoxification, gut health, whole-body immune support, and systemic detox. -  4 Months

The Comprehensive Protocol 

This is the Protocol for you if you are dealing with intense levels of chronic illness and are ready to dive all in. It supports energy, drainage, detoxification, gut health, systemic detox, and a deeper whole-body immune support. -  8 Months

How Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Can Impact Your Resolution

Your upper cervical chiropractor works to correct misalignments in the upper cervical spine that may have been leading to pain and illness from miscommunication within your body. How does this impact resolutions? When the alignment is restored, the brain-body connection is restored. This means that your body can function as intended. As your body naturally heals itself from the inside out, the result is more energy, better sleep, less pain, and even relief from chronic health issues. 

Imagine embarking on your New Year’s Resolution journey healthier from the inside out, with fewer migraines, better digestion, less pain, more mobility, and so much more. Jumpstart your wellness journey, make 2024 your healthiest year yet, and join the many others who have improved their health and wellness through upper cervical care and a foundational detox journey! 

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Tim of Atlas Specific in Durango, CO, today to learn more about the CellCore protocols and upper cervical chiropractic care. Use the link below for a free consultation, call us at 970 – 259 – 6803, or drop by our Durango office at 1800 E 3rd Ave #108

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