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Why Drainage and Detox go Hand in Hand

Updated: Feb 7

Why Drainage and Detox go Hand in Hand

It’s “New Year, New You” time, and what better way to start than by detoxing your body of last year’s toxins? Most people are familiar with the concept of detoxing, the process of flushing harmful chemicals from the body. But, before you get ahead of yourself, did you know that drainage and detox go hand in hand? Perhaps you’ve even done a detox at some point in the past. Was it a pleasant journey, or an uncomfortable process? If your past detox plans left you feeling drained, we’re here to get you started on the right foot by explaining why drainage is essential to detox.

Drainage – The pathway/mechanism through which unwanted substances leave the body. Detox – Pulling toxins and toxic substances out at the cellular level.

Why Drainage is Important for Detox

Detox is the process of grabbing toxins and drainage is the process that takes them out of the body. If your drainage pathways aren’t open and the toxins can’t efficiently get out, they can recirculate in your body, become more toxic, and could leave you feeling no different, or even worse than you did before. Therefore, before you can focus on killing pathogens and detoxing harmful chemicals from your body your drainage pathways need to be open and stay open. These pathways include:

  • The Colon

  • The Liver

  • The Bile ducts

  • The Kidneys

  • The Skin

  • The Lymphatic system

  • The Glymphatic system (the brain drainage to the lymphatic system)

To put it into simple terms, imagine sitting at home, and deciding to take the trash out. It’s not going to happen if the door isn’t open. This is the same story with your body. If your drainage pathways aren’t open and actually draining before you start the detox process, you’ll generally experience symptoms and discomfort during the process and you may even end up feeling worse than when you started.

Below is a visual of your drainage funnel. On the left is a healthy drainage funnel and on the right is what happens when one or more pathways get backed up.

drainage funnel

Is There an Order of Importance to Drainage?

There is absolutely an order of priority to these drainage pathways!

The Colon

Though it is at the bottom of the drainage funnel, the colon is at the top of the list. The colon, or large intestine, serves as the primary drainage pathway. If your colon is backed up it backs up the entire system and requires the other pathways to pick up its slack. Having 2 – 3 bowel movements per day is a sign of a healthy colon drainage pathway.

The Liver & Bile Ducts

Next are the liver and bile ducts. Your liver is designed to process toxins and release them into either your bile or your blood. Toxins moved into the bloodstream are filtered through your kidneys and eliminated in your urine. Toxins that move into your bile are released into your digestive tract to be excreted through the bowels. When this system gets backed up, toxins build up and get dumped directly into the bloodstream. From there, they can go throughout your body wreaking havoc and causing skin irritation, itching, and rashes. This is a common area for issues during a detox.

The Lymphatic and Glymphatic Systems

The purpose of the Lymphatic System is to filter out viruses, bacteria, and toxins while draining fluid from the tissues throughout the body. Then there is the Glymphatic system, which serves as the drainage from the brain to the

lymphatic system.

This is a common area to have glitches in during detox. Issues here can look like brain fog, headaches, memory issues, and just not thinking clearly. For the brain to drain properly the colon, liver, bile ducts, and lymphatic system all need to be draining properly. Keeping these pathways open and functioning well makes a world of difference when you’re detoxing.

How the Foundational Protocol Works

Here at Atlas Specific, the foundational detox journey begins with Cellcore’s “Roadmap to Health.” The strategic order or “roadmap” that the Foundational Protocol follows is broken down into easy-to-follow steps or phases that properly prepare the body for detoxification.

Cellcore’s Foundational Protocol is a 4-month approach to supporting detoxification that’s intended for individuals who are looking to periodically promote cleansing for an overall wellness boost.

Step One

Focuses on energy and drainage pathways which is essential before promoting detoxification. This also makes the process smoother and encourages more energy as you move through the Protocol.

Step Two

Step two focuses on promoting the body’s natural detox processes and nurturing the gut microbiome.

Step Three

As you enter step three the Protocol will build momentum for a deeper whole-body cleansing while building on the first 2 steps. It also helps promote a healthy liver and bile flow.

Step Four

This step picks up where step three left off to continue promoting systemic detoxification and healthy drainage pathways. This phase goes beyond the gut to detoxify, lends increased support to the lymphatic system, and is loaded with potent herbs used traditionally to support drainage and detox throughout the body.

Are You Ready to Truly Experience a “New Year, New You?”

If your health is less than optimal, a detox could be just the right thing to restore your health. Join us and the dozens of others who have improved their health and wellness through a foundational detox journey. This journey will help you to ensure that your drainage pathways are up and running efficiently, so the power of detoxification can be realized!

If you’re ready to make 2023 your healthiest year ever, please reach out to us by dropping by the Durango office at 1800 E 3rd Ave #108, giving us a call at 970 – 259 – 6803, or clicking the link below to schedule a free evaluation.


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