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Hidden Benefits of Upper Cervical Care

Updated: Jan 5

Hidden Benefits of Upper Cervical Care

Upper cervical care is a form of chiropractic that involves targeted adjustments of the upper two spinal vertebrae, the axis, and the atlas. A subluxation in this area can have a cascade effect on your overall health, so while you may come to us for a specific ailment, there are many hidden benefits to upper cervical care. Here at Atlas Specific Upper Cervical Care, we are the only chiropractors in the Four Corners region to specialize in this form of treatment. Plenty of people know that in general, chiropractic care is good for your body. But most people are unaware of just how many hidden benefits there are to upper cervical chiropractic care. So today, we thought we would share a few:

Increased Balance

Balance is a funny thing. Did you know that your inner ear is actually responsible for maintaining your balance? When your spine is out of alignment, especially at the top of your vertebrae, your head is no longer properly positioned. Even a slight misalignment in the cervical area can alter the position where your head sits on your spine. As a result of your head position, your inner ear’s interpretation of your surroundings can become altered, causing imbalance. A correction to your upper spine can help to relieve this issue, realign your head and reduce any dizziness or vertigo you may be feeling as a result.

Is your Neck Making You Dizzy

Increased Immune Function

Studies show that when your body’s nervous system is properly functioning, your immune system is better equipped to fight viruses and bacteria. In fact, one study found that long-term chiropractic care increased an individual’s immune system strength by as much as 200%. With regular adjustments, Atlas Specific can help your body learn to heal naturally. Upper Cervical Chiropractic treatments can reduce the occurrence of common colds, ear infections, and other common illnesses. And, if you do get sick, your body will be able to fight off illness more effectively.

Improved Moods

It may seem far-fetched to consider chiropractic for the treatment of depression, but research shows the proper alignment of the atlas and axis can help control hormone levels. Proper chiropractic care can result in fewer negative hormones, like cortisol, and increased levels of positive hormones, like dopamine. Stabilizing these hormones can make a big difference in how the brain and body interact. That’s why people suffering from anxiety and depression can have dramatic results with upper cervical chiropractic care.

Improved Sleep

Chiropractic care is most often thought of as a treatment for spinal problems. Not many people associate chiropractic care with improving sleep issues. However, upper cervical care has been shown to help improve not only the quality but also the quantity of sleep. Sleeplessness is one of the most common problems people face today, with nearly 60 percent of adults reporting sleep issues multiple nights a week. Consequently, facing fatigue, lack of concentration, and a high risk of illnesses. With all that in mind, improving your sleep could have a huge impact on your overall livelihood. When the upper cervical area is properly aligned, the nervous system communicates with the body properly. This results in better quality and quantity of sleep for many patients.

Decreased Pain

A subluxation is an altered position of the vertebra resulting in subsequent functional loss. Simply put, it is when either the first or second bone (atlas or axis) in the neck has moved out of place causing pressure and torsion on the brainstem and nervous system. One of the ways that your body shows a subluxation is through pain and inflammation. When the body’s nervous system isn’t communicating well, a pain response is triggered. Upper cervical chiropractic care can help to eliminate this pain by properly aligning the top of the nervous system. This allows free communication between the body and the brain letting the system as a whole to function optimally. We’re Here for You

We want you to feel your best, be well-rested, ward off colds, and live a healthier life. If you’ve never been to an upper cervical chiropractor before, why not take the first step to a healthier you? At Atlas Specific Upper Cervical Care we invite you to visit our Durango, Colorado office to experience relief from these conditions and more for yourself. To schedule your evaluation today, click here.

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Notice of Disclaimer: We are doctors of upper cervical chiropractic, but we are NOT necessarily YOUR doctors. All content and information on this website is for informational and educational purposes only, does not constitute medical advice, and reading or interacting with this site does not establish any form of patient-doctor relationship. Although we strive to provide accurate information, the information presented here is not intended as a substitute for any kind of professional advice and you should not rely solely on this information. Always consult a professional in your particular area of need before making medical decisions.

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